Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Infinity Under A Roof

I started going to the library pretty much every day, and it's groovy.

I get to spend two hours reading the book of my choice in the universe's grooviest (albeit least comfortable) chairs.
Plus, on the wall is a quote by Gail Carson Levine (FAIREST! TWO PRINCESSES OF BAMARRE!):

"A library is infinity under a roof."

God, she's amazing. I love that beyond words.

Recently I've been reading the Song Of The Lioness series by Tamora Pierce, and I'm really enjoying it.
My friend Elf (who you may remember from my post about the Hunger Games movie) got me into the series when she let me borrow the first book on a camping trip.

But I have now read all the ones at my library, and I can't place a hold on the last book because I have almost $150 dollars in late and lost fines.
Goodbye sweet babysitting money, I hardly knew ye.

So today I had about fifteen minutes until my mom called to tell me she was there to get me, and I had finished The Woman Who Rides Like A Man, so I was looking for something to read.

I found myself alone, wandering the teen sci-fi/fantasy section, trying to find a book in the only part of the teen
room not infested with paranormal chick lit vampire romance novellas, staring at the same three Star Wars books.
Then I saw it:

Speaker For The Dead by Orson Scott Card.

I collapsed down in the floor and flipped it open, hardly believing my eyes. I had searched long and hard for this book several times, only to find it checked out!
I turned through the pages, practically devouring the words I had been longing for ever since finishing Ender's Game.

Then I looked up and saw my mom and Jayne. standing over me because it was 7:37 and I apparently have no cell reception in the library. Oops.
(On a related note, why is CAR on the very very very bottom shelf of the sci-fi aisle?)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Update on Dragon hunting...



As this post automatically updates, I am standing outside in the dark. I'm probably freezing, and definitely tired, because it's 5:02 am. You may be asking, "Lady Elisabeth did you go crazy?!"

No. I'm just watching a spaceship, because right now, the SpaceX Dragon is visible from my backyard for three minutes (according to NASA), and being the nerd that I am, I MUST see it.
It's only fair. after all, One of my friends got to see Discovery twice.

I would just post this after I saw Dragon, but I have other stuff to do.

Actually, I'm babysitting today, and I'm super excited. It's seriously like getting paid to hang out with kids. But with more responsibility. Because I'm responsible.


Lady Elisabeth (OF THE PASSSSST!!!!!!!!)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Did you know that On the Origin of Species is really, really boring?

I couldn't think of a relevant title, but this is a post of stuff that I want.

The patience to do this.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Join me in this groovy quest.

Ah yeah. I'm bringing back groovy. It hasn't been groovy to say groovy for fifty years, so I think it's time. It's a fantabulous word, and it's totally fun to say. Here, watch this video of Liam Dryden talking about bringing back groovy, and try not to swoon every time he says it.

Plus, when you look at fashion, groovy is back. people just aren't saying groovy, but groovy is most definitely back.

Urban Outfitters

Seriously, do I need to keep saying it?

Groovily yours, Lady Elisabeth. Ooh. Trebuchet.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

All the things I'm too afraid to say.

To Cute Funny Karate Boy:
I don't know why you stopped texting me. It makes me sad, because, well, I just really liked you. You were sweet, you liked bad movies, you had witty responses. But I guess if you don't care enough to type on your phone for three seconds, you can ignore that voicemail I sent asking you out.

To Edison and Dragonchild:
Happy birthday, both of you. I love you in the friend way, and I wish you the best year ever as your brand new ages. P.s isn't it weird that your birthdays are 9 days apart?

To The Boy: Did you know that it's possible to brighten somebody's day, even when it's already good? Neither did I until you strolled into my writing class, and made a James Bond joke. I only got to meet you once, but I can tell that you're wonderful. Plus your name is an alliteration, and that's totally groovy.
You introduced yourself to me first. That's never happened to me before. Usually, I just walk up and say something along the lines of, "HI IM ELISABETH WHAT'S YOUR NAME HOW OLD ARE YOU OH COOL ME TOO!" but I didn't have to, because (like a true gentleman) you presented me your hand to shake and said "Hi, I'm The Boy."
You have no idea what that does to a girl.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Capitol Hair and Makeup With Accallia Highwind

So, for the longest time, Jayne and I have been giving our Barbie dolls makeovers, and well... they're really weird. So I was thinking, that most of our dolls (except for the "sacred" ones, like Jayne's super expensive Aphrodite doll, and my Twilight doll. Shut up, she's really pretty.) would fit in great in the Capitol.

So here is my photo shoot, complete with commentary from... err... uh... Accallia Highwind?Yeah, that sounds Capitol-y. And this entire post will be in bubblegum pink with highlighter yellow helvetica.

This stunning look is absolutely perfect for attending the opening ceremony of the Games, or just partying with your cadre of friends. The deep purple eyeshadow and lips, really set off the gorgeous gradation in her hair.

A bit less formal look, perhaps more practical for when you're out shopping for new wigs?

Blues and greens are very in right now! Somebody's got money on District Four this year!

More blue, but a very different look. The pink lips are a nice contrasting element.

Look at that hair! This whole look is very minimalistic. The dots are very simple, but they still say, "I know what my style is."
I think I'm in love with the reversed eyeshadow going on here.

Luxurious purple hair goes with the obviously simplistic makeup here. The false scar is a nice touch for the upcoming games.

Women aren't the only ones who can enjoy tattoos!

Bright brassy pink is very chic.

This look is very much inspired by the games, but the gold lipstick reminds you that sheis a Capitol girl after all!
The subtle pink stripe is one of my favorite pieces of this outfit. I absolutely adore the little swirls by her eyes. So fun!

The gold eyeliner is very nice here- somebody's attention was caught by the outstanding Cinna, one of last year's victorious District Twelve's stylists.

So, I hope you enjoyed this... unusual post, and may the odds be ever in you favor.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Well, there won't be any excuses, so it's more like....

Let's name him Clive.

Well, now that you're suitably distracted entertained, I wish to share with you some excellant quotes bout impossibility. and I'll let you guess who said the more well known ones.

"Once you've ruled out the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."

"Nothing is impossible. The word itself says 'I'm possible'"

"You're impossible!"
"I'm just highly unlikely."

PDS, Lady elisabeth.

This is totally a complete post.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dr. Milton R. Spradtwinkler and the Llamacorn

Hello friends, my name is Katherine Spradtwinkler-Hessenfroff.
In light of a recent discovery in the field of Fantastical Biology by my colleagues, Dr. Naddie Boyne and Professor Me J.M Potato on the llamacorn, I thought I might share with you a photograph taken by my great grandfather, Dr. Milton R.  Spradtwinkler.

A great believer in the llamacorn, dear Doctor Milton had been the laughingstock of the fantastical biology community, who were all trying to track the exceedingly rare migration of a flock of Useful Congresspeople, and politely tried to have my great grandfather's membership to the League of Fantastical Biologists revoked. 
Nevertheless, Dr. Milton R. Spradtwinkler  continued his search, and finally in 1864, he glimpsed the creature that had eluded him for so very long. 
He observed the llamacorn for several minutes before taking this picture. 

Lama Unicornica. Photograph by Milton R. Spradtwinkler

From examining his field journals I can see how excited he was about his find. 
"I finally found my Lama Unicornica! That will show Leopold Fitzpatrick at the League of Fantastical Biologists, and all those other stuck up charlatans he keeps in his company! Who's a deluded lunatic now Fitzpatrick?!"
Unfortunately, Fitzpatrick and the other "charlatans" accused Dr. Spradtwinkler of photoshopping the photograph, to which Spradtwinkler called Fitzpatrick "an ugly footed anachronism," and eventually, the entire League was involved in a bloody knife fight in a public library, which resulted in the deaths of three central members of the League, as well as very many heated arguments on the most effective way to bait a Singing Dragon (The wide majority agreed on lemon balloons). 
Those who survived the ordeal, had their science licenses revoked by Charles Darwin.

Thank you very much to Katherine Spradtwinkler-Hessenfroff for her insightful history on llamacorns, and thanks also to Naddie Boyne and Me J.M Potato for they brilliant photographs of the Lama Unicornica, which I recently had the pleasure of seeing on miss Boyne's blog, and is also way cooler than the one taken by Dr. Milton R. Spradtwinkler. And extra thanks to Wikipedia for keeping knowing when Darwin died.
-Lady Elisabeth

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Crashbox and Steampunk: A love affair

So when I was nine or ten, my mom started recording this show called Crashbox on HBO Family. It was an animated educational show, filled with claymation and stop motion. And the robots were totally badass.
I mean, look at the title sequence:

How can that not kindle wonder and imagination of epic proportions in little kid?

All the little robot factory cutscenes were like this, and even though it was my second least favorite game at the time (after Captain Bones) , Psycho Math was equally influential I think.

I would love to show you a clip of Psycho Math, but all the clips on Youtube are utter crap in a bucket, so here's a picture of Professor Rocket, in all his mathtastic, brain blowing, ruler armed, creepy video mouthed, crazy metal haired glory.

I hadn't seen this show since I was eleven when we moved, but recently, we stumbled across it while looking for movies. on HBO, and I believe my exact reaction was "Oh my gosh! Momma it's CRASHBOX!"

So we started recording it again, and you'll be pleased to know that it still makes my clockwork heart tic a little bit faster, and my mechanical heartstrings sing with joy.