Tuesday, October 30, 2012

This Happened A Month Ago...

 ...And I almost fainted and I'm still quite happy because I my comment was well thought out even though I used the wrong form of "their" but shush because Bing replied to my comment and two words made my day super awesome.

The Video (It's one of my favorites)

And yes, that comma-less mess was going to be the title but it looked silly. And I'm totally not a silly person. Ever.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Excited for NaNo

(Partially writing so you know that i still exist)

NaNoWriMo is coming up and I am HUMONGOUSLY excited.

This year I'm writing a mystery story within a mystery story. This will be my first year writing from a single character perspective, and (unless you count Nate Blackwall, and really, who does?) my first time writing a male character in first person. Oh yeah, it's a really complicated plot too.

This might be a travesty. But it could also be glorious. Anyways, I thought I would give you a brief introduction to my characters (sorry no pictures, my scanner hates me):

Alex Cohen
Our hero. A sixteen year old boy who is really into detective novels and mysteries. He's a member of several online mystery forums. His favorite series is about a Private Eye named Jack Flint, and his sidekick Arthur Johnson. He thinks Arthur Johnson is kind of stupid. He has always wanted to investigate something, but he doesn't want anyone to have to die first. His best friend is Valerie Sun, and he's had a thing for her since fifth grade. She knows this.

Valerie Sun
If Alex Cohen is quirky, Val Sun is downright weird. Her hobbies include playing the violin, keeping a  top secret daily journal for the best eight years that she allows herself one sentence to describe each day,  and drawing dead people. Yes. She enjoys watching the news and drawing people who died. This hobby disturbs her friends, of which she has four. She could have more friends if she wanted, but she finds most people uninteresting. She is completely aware of Cohen's little crush on her, and she thinks he would make a great boyfriend, but she spends a lot of time denying this to herself.

Jessica Barret
Known to her online friends as "irene_addled16," Jessica is pretty shy. Her most prized possession is a striped scarf in Ravenclaw colors that she got signed by Evanna Lynch at a convention. She really enjoys speculating about TV shows online. She feels braver on the internet, anonymous. She's really funny when when you get to know her. One of her closest online friends is "jflintfan." They met once at a Baltimore meetup at the Washington Monument (not the big one in DC, the littler one in Baltimore. Duh.) She learned that his name is Alex, and that they lived on opposite ends of the city. She collects fossilized shark teeth.

Lilith Sun
Valerie's younger sister. She finds her sister's hobbies strange to say the least. They usually get on pretty well, unless Lilith's had a bad day, or Val has one of her kooky friends over. She's fourteen, and in a punk band called Gray Night with Symon Cohen and Lani Walsh. She's not overly fond of Lani, and thinks she can't play the guitar for beans, but she puts up with her because she's Symon's girlfriend and Symon is an awesome singer. Lilith is proud to be the only punk rock cellist in her school. She dyed her hair black for her fourteenth birthday, and ended up really annoyed that it wasn't much darker than her natural hair color. She gets really happy when someone notices her jet black hair, but she doesn't show it externally.

So these are just a few, but needless to say, they're pretty important :)