Thursday, November 24, 2011

Me and Montana the 49ers dog/bear/pillowpet

To you I offer this

If you love somebody
If you have dreams
If you know in your heart that we are all one family
I offer you my home

If your luck has turned against you
If your hope has been crushed
If everything you used to love has been obliterated
I offer you my hope

If you've ever written words like these
If you've ever cried for followers
If you've ever put your heart on the line in the hopes of someone listening
I offer you my respect

If you are anyone
If you have doubted yourself
If you need a friend in times of hardship
I offer you my hand

If you cry yourself asleep
If you hold a knife in your hand
If you wish for the end to come sooner then later
I offer you my love

If you have wished on a star
If you have searched for four leaved clovers
If everyone tells you that faeries aren't really real
I offer you my beliefs

If you are reading this
If you care for people you've never met
If you know that every second counts in our lives
I offer you my thanks

Tuesday, November 22, 2011



Yes, you thought this was going to be a lovely post about thanksgiving and all that, but that's for tomorrow, or thursday.
Today I'm going to cry.

there are eight days left, eight days until i cry all night, scream all day, and hate myself for a year.
Because there is no way that i can write 17646 words in eight days.

I have been slacking off, not writing a single word all last week.
I told myself, It's pointless, you'll never finish anyways, so you may as well sit and watch Mythbusters.
So I did. Sort of.

Because in my head, Solace and Noah are positively screaming for attention, and I have ignored them.
I will probably almost definitely fail.

but I will not lie down and cry.

I will go out screaming in a blaze of fire

Monday, November 21, 2011

Silver Stars (A Random Words Poem)

spike spear prick pearl water wash away fly soar stars sky listen speak float hover gentle breeze sparkle shimmer shiver shatter shine crystal winter weather wisp wind wish twist twirl turn burn fire smoke rain hail never always gone gone gone

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Obsession: I will not fail, I cannot win

How many of you are doing NaNoWriMo? If you are, WHY ARE YOU READING MY BLOG???YOU HAVE A WORDCOUNT TO KEEP UP!!!
If you aren't, and have n idea what i'm talking about, basically a bunch of (crazy) people try to write a book in a month.

This is my second year, and last year I failed.
Actually,  I was the only one of my friends who failed, and that feeling kind of hugely sucks.

All my friends and I are writing again this year, and all their ideas are amazing. (one of my friends is writing about a cactus smuggling ring, operating from inside a greek restaurant that's name nobody can pronounce, and was a struggling shoe store in the 80's)

My story is Sci-Fi (you can read a bit on My BFF Potato's and my writing blog) and I love the story, but it's So. Hard. To. Write.
I DO NOT WANT TO FAIL. IT IS NOT AN OPTION IN ANY WAY. Failure makes me feel like crap, and I know, everybody feels like that, but doesn't everybody say "learn from your failure?" I don't. I freak out, I obsess over whatever i've done wrong, and cry.
It's immature, it's unproductive, but it's all I know how to do.

Lady Elisabeth

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I Must Leave You (For a time)

i'm writing a novel this month, so i doubt that i'll post very often.
I apologize, and will leave you in the capable hands of the virtual fish gadget, and the beatles, because blackbird is stuck in my head:

Lady Elisabeth