Tuesday, November 22, 2011



Yes, you thought this was going to be a lovely post about thanksgiving and all that, but that's for tomorrow, or thursday.
Today I'm going to cry.

there are eight days left, eight days until i cry all night, scream all day, and hate myself for a year.
Because there is no way that i can write 17646 words in eight days.

I have been slacking off, not writing a single word all last week.
I told myself, It's pointless, you'll never finish anyways, so you may as well sit and watch Mythbusters.
So I did. Sort of.

Because in my head, Solace and Noah are positively screaming for attention, and I have ignored them.
I will probably almost definitely fail.

but I will not lie down and cry.

I will go out screaming in a blaze of fire

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