Monday, December 19, 2011

My Friends Are Awesome: Exhibit A

I should point out that Out of State is also a Girl Scout. She just lives in the same state as Potato.

(If you don't watch football, this is what I was talking about.)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

3-15: Lady Elisabeth's Average Saturday

8:00: Alarm clock goes off

8:32: Get out of bed

8:34: Watch TV

9:30:  Internet time

10:37: Eat everything bagel and greek yogurt

10:38: Watch Dad play Civilization Revolution

11:00: Dad wins. Go to room

11:12: Read Newsweek in bed

1:19: Come back upstairs

1:20: Watch Dad play Skyrim

1:35: Mom, Jayne and Aunt come home

1:36: Update blog.

UPDATE: 1:45: Realize I forgot signature. Add it.

Friday, December 16, 2011

4-15: Wear Star Wars, Share Star Wars day

Today is the day where every geek on the internet will dress up in Star Wars clothes to support a little girl named Katy.
Last year, she was bullied for daring to carry a Stars Wars water bottle to school. Did I mention this was a first grade class? (you can read about it here on Katie's mom's blog)

I don't actually own any Star Wars clothes, but I slapped on a a white floaty-ish shirt and twisted my hair up into what have got to be the smallest Princess Leia buns this side of the Empire.

Watch out world, because when you mess with one geek girl, you mess with all of us.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Firstly, it's only five days till my birthday. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Secondly, I no longer feel like this:

now I just feel like this:

But the most awesome of all is (drumroll pleaase....) MY AUNT LITERALLY WALKED IN THE DOOR LIKE A MINUTE AGO!!

Yay! I'm super excited to see her (and she's staying through aforementioned birthday)

She lives on the other side of the country, so we don't see her very often.

If you don't mind, I really need to go hug my aunt some more.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

7-15: One week and a box of kleenex

i'm sick.
I caught some gross bug from Jayne, and this means I don't get to go ice skating with my girl scout troop, and Jayne still gets to go, because she's feeling way better than I am.

At first i was really angry, and demanded pie and tv. Now I'm just pathetically internetting (that needs to be a word) with my kleenex box in my 49ers PJ pants and my sparkly Sagittarius shirt. Ok I'm still really angry, it just makes my throat hurt more to yell about unimportant things.

Now I'm going to upload some photos FYE and go watch Mythbusters and eat pie. Because that's what I do when I feel pathetic: watch *bleeeeeeep* explode.

my kleenex while i write. you can see blogger behind it.
we had an eclipse! i didn't get any good pics of the eclipse part, because 12x zoom doen't get you much closer to the moon, but this is my favorite picture of the full moon before it started.

a Sims3 wolf running. with butterflies.

2 sims kissing, but she was making really weird lips so i took a picture

the badge for  i hope Potato likes it.

My signature. (in case you were wondering, the first part says forever yours in Greek. Or something like that.)

Monday, December 12, 2011

8-15: The Old House

Wow, time has flown.
Anyways, today I want to share a part of the book I'm writing. It's called The Old House, and it's about a girl named Sara Kelly who travels to... actually, I'm not gonna tell you, you'll have to keep reading! :)

Sara and Katy had finally gotten to sleep around two in the morning. They had been chattering all night in an effort to “pack every drop of summer full of amazingness,” as Katy had said.
But rest was short lived, as Sara woke to somebody shaking and poking her at four twenty-seven precisely.
She rolled over sleepily and mumbled, “Katy?”
Katy hit Sara’s shoulder with a pillow.
“Shush! Do you want my mum to wake up?”
Sara sat up and rubbed her eyes.
“Why on earth did you wake me up?” she demanded.
Katy gave a suspicious smile (curiously similar to the one Sara had gotten from Josh Mason earlier), and Sara noticed for the first time that she was dressed in all black.
“Katy, what’s going on?” Sara asked seriously.
“I’ll tell you when we get there! Now put these on!” She said throwing dark clothing at Sara.
 . . .
Sara smacked Katy’s shoulder. Hard.
They were standing in front of Church Cottage.
It looked especially ominous with the weak moonlight illuminating the mist around them in the cold night.
Hell would freeze over before Sara was going inside that creepy old house.

Tell the devil to grab some snow boots, Sara thought miserably as she and Katy stepped through the door.
The inside of Church Cottage was warmer than the crisp summer night, but it was to dark to see.
Katy pulled out her bag and Started rummaging while Sara fumbled for a light switch, but didn’t find anything.
Just as her eyes were getting somewhat used to the lack of light, Sara’s vision was flooded with brightness, as Katy found her flashlight and turned it on.
Katy grinned like an idiot and said, “Shall we have a look around?”
Sara was about to shout at the top of her lungs that she was leaving right this instant and that if Katy had any sense she’d come back too, but instead she heard herself say (somewhat breathless and shakily)

The house was amazingly well kept on the inside. 
The paint was a bit flaky, and the rooms were almost totally empty of furniture, but it was cozy, and the photos on the walls were still mostly all right, but some of them were a bit bizarre.
Sara’s favorite was a picture of a girl a little older than herself in a victorian portrait. The strange thing was that she was sharing the photograph with a particularly elaborate grandfather clock. The top of the clock looked oddly like a crown.
Katy found a painting of someone with a clock for a head.
Sara would never ever admit it, but she was having fun snooping around the cottage and pointing out strange pictures, and was kind of sad when they had looked through all the rooms.
 “Well not all of them,” Katy had remarked.
There was only one room in the entire house that was locked, and it happened to be the most interesting.
The door was in the hallway. It was painted crimson red, and had the number “8281” engraved elaborately into it.
Katy said it was probably just another bedroom, but Sara wasn’t so sure.
She loved to read about all those old houses with secret passages and secret doors, and thought it would be utterly fantastic to live right near one.
“Sara, I’m gonna go look at the portraits again, that door freaks me out,” Katy whispered barely audible, “I think it’s locked for a reason.”
Sara shrugged.
“I’ll stay here.”
Katy Ran off as if she were being chased. She had seemed really scared of the locked door, where as Sara felt she was sort of drawn to it.
Sara jiggled the handle again, just to make sure it really was locked. The handle didn’t budge.
She sighed and leaned against the door.
It creaked open, like something that hadn’t been moved in twenty years.
Sara reminded herself, that it probably hadn’t.
Sara poked her head through the door.
It was a sitting room, painted the color of banana pudding. There was a crackling fire in the fireplace.
Hanging on the mantlepiece was a photo of a young woman looking extremely cross at whoever was taking it.
Sara froze.
There was somebody in the house.
Sara stepped into the room and the door slammed closed behind her.
“Lydia? Is that you I hear? You’ve been gone nearly a week, you impetuous little freeloader!” a woman’s voice yelled out.

Sara ran back to the door and started pushing on it furiously, trying to open it before the woman realized she was there.
“Lydia Winnoway, if you think you can sneak about like this! If you think I don’t know you’ve been off with that… that ticker on one of those flying machines, you are sorely mistaken!”
The voice was closer now.
“When my brother and his mettlesome wife died, I swore I would protect their only child! I seriously doubt they meant for you to…”
She broke of as she rounded the corner into the living room and saw Sara.
The woman was a short plump old lady in a floral dress covered in flour, her steel-gray hair was tightly coiled into two buns on either side of her head. She was carrying a spatula covered in something sticky.
“Who the hell are you?” the woman asked with an odd mix of shock and general grumpiness on her wrinkly face.
“Er, Sara, Sara Kelly”
“What are you doing in my house?”
“I didn’t mean to be! I came in from Church Cottage!”
“Oh course you did, and I’m King Christopher!” She tried to whack Sara with her gooey spatula. Sara ducked and ran for it. She rushed through the rooms of the unfamiliar house while the lady chased her.
“You rascals always trying to break in here! Well, you go back and tell whoever you work for that Muriel Winnoway’s private belongings don’t belong to no-one! No-one, nohow!” 
Muriel picked up Sara by the scruff of her neck and threw her out the door.
“And if you see that no good niece of mine give ‘er this!” The old lady spit on Sara’s face and slammed the door.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Daddy, why did you eat my fries?

been stuck in my head all day.

13-15: Eject the Frog!

So I have these two wonderful friends, Edison, and Dragonchild*,  and every Wednesday, we play a game:

Any time you think of a funny quote you say it.
Some of the best and funniest are things that we've said, rather than things from books and movies, as was originally intended.

From left: Dragonchild, Edison, Me. (On the far left you can see Alison, who is seven I think.)

"You blew my mustache off!"

"Oh dear, Mom's in the root-beer!"

"My bubble! It came un-bubbled!"

"The heavens opened and gave them a shower, which they did not particularly need." (This one was cut from one of their NaNos.)

"Do you think you could use a high heel to break down a wall?"

"Dude, your browser's on the ceiling..."

"Oh, I'm failing miserably. How about you?"

"It means, 'Hi! I'm you!' in Finnish."

These guys are my boyzzzz. They're  totally awesome, and if I had brothers, I'd want them to be exactly like Edison and Dragonchild.

*Quite obviously not their real names.

Monday, December 5, 2011

15-15: Today

In fifteen days, I will be fifteen years old. This is awesome.

So I've decided to do a countdown, and share something special every day until my birthday. 
Here you go,  #15 in the 15-15 countdown:

One of my best friends in the world and I started a band once, when we were 12 and 13. It was called Forever Odd, and our first album would be called The View From My Umbrella.  Here's the lyrics for the first song we made:

by Forever Odd...
Do, do, do, do
What are we 
Gonna do today
The sky is rainy
The clouds are grey
Nothing to do
Nothing to play
Do, do, do, do
What are we 
Gonna do today
We can’t stay in
We can’t go out
There’s just no way
Nothing to do
Nothing to say
Do, do, do, do
What are we 
Gonna do today

Maybe it's not Grammy worthy, and it's definitely not finished, but we were so proud when we recorded it into Jette's sister's laptop, and even happier when she told us it was great.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


The last month of the year. Wow.
I can't believe it's crept up on me like this.

It's getting colder, the grass is finally green from all the rain we've been having, and I'm learning something new about the universe:

Acceptance is not admission of defeat.

I didn't finish my book, and I'm okay with that. I'm ridiculously proud of myself, actually. How many people even challenge themselves to do this? More over, how many people give up?
I'm so proud that I wrote half a book in a month. It's pretty amazing when you think about it; I wrote 10244 words. and they were pretty good words too.
I'm pleased as punch.

I also learned another thing to accept. 
That boy I like? (Let's call him Jake)
He's not ready for anything more than friendship, and I need to accept that.

If I stand around waiting for him to grow up, I'll miss out on a thousand other boys, who are just as amazing.

That's not fair to me. 
So you know what? I am ready to keep Jake as my best friend, and maybe someday, he'll want me as more than that. 
But if I'm already taken, than Jake will have to deal.
Because I got the phone number of a boy in my karate class.