Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Valerie Speaks her Mind.

Woooooah, two posts in one day? Yes. But this one is a real post and the other isn't even a paragraph. So it's all good.

Here is a snippet from my novel for NaNo :D

“Oh. My. God.”

Yes! He thought. She would admit her love for him, and that Andrew was just okay. He would be her boyfriend. 
“I cannot believe you Alex! Really? Now?”
Okay, this wasn’t how he’d expected it. “I spent the past two years waiting for you to man up and ask me out!” she shouted.
“But… You’re all about empowerment. I thought you would…”
“I knew you liked me! You just didn’t have any guts! You never have!”
“No! You missed your god damn chance. I gave you every opportunity, and you only muster up the courage when I’m already with someone else!” 
“I just wanted to wait until the right time.”
“And the right time is now?!” She breathed a deep sigh. “Look, Alex. I moved on. I decided that I’m too strong to sit around pining after a child who refuses to be anything else. Now Andrew is here, and I like him. I really really like him, and he likes me. I deserve this okay? I’m not going to ditch someone who appreciates me, and I appreciate, just because you decided jealousy was the right motivator for honesty.”

Yep. Valerie is awesome. I'm going to go a write a crying Alex. Bye!

P.S: Have you checked out Pickle And Potato? Because you should. 

P.P.S You know you're best friends when you're deciding to make a large block of text in Times New Roman, and you catch yourself thinking, "This is Potato's favorite font!"

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