Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Preview

This is a preview of my story from Starlit Castle on Friday.
(You might recognise the characters from my easier story on SC, or from my Travellers in Time.)

Fin smiled tiredly at Andy.
"Sorry I'm so exhausted. I just got back from 2009."
"What, did you have to sleep in your flying car?"he asked sarcastically. She laughed.
"Actually, I spent all night looking for my Android."
"Your what?"
"You'll see in…" she did some calculations on her fingers.
"Eleven years? Yeah that sounds about right. It's 1997, right?"
It was Andy's turn to laugh.
"Your skills are astounding as always."

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Things That I do When I'm Supposed to be Doing Other Things

Oh hello.
For the next two weeks, I will post EVERYDAY.
This is gona be great for you guys. You get to watch me go crazy. Today I thought I would talk about procrastinating. I'm an expert after all...

Usually when I'm supposed to be doing something I will decide to do something else.
After some deliberation I will probably decide that the second thing is too much work, and do something even less important.
After I do that I end up doing more unnecessary things.
Especially if left to my own devices all day.

So currently, my thoughts today have gone something like this:

9:30 am: I should take a shower. OOH! YOUTUBE!

10 am: Fine I'll take a shower. *Grumble grumble.*


11 am: Rush to get dressed so I can sign for a package

11:10: Coffee.

11:20 am: Get on the computer to do Driver's Ed

11:22 am: Hey look, Edison emailed me.

11:30 am: Stop signs... Stop signs... Yield signs...

11:45 am: I need a muffin.

12 pm: Edison emailed me back... REPLY!

12:15 pm: I have been staring at the same page for half an hour...

12:16 pm: Florence + The Machine Sing-along time!

12:18 pm: I'm going to write a blog post...

12:20 pm: Mom calls.

This is slightly  very pathetic.

At least you know where you rank on the ladder of procrastination.
See you guys tomorrow!!
PDS, Lady Elisabeth <3
look at this beautiful thing Potato and I made.

Thursday, August 9, 2012


I've been doing some summer time travel, and my TARDIS has awful Internet. So sorry.
Also I may or may not have been taking some summer classes that involved absurd amounts of homework.

If I were you, I go with time travel. I've gotta start posting more regularly, and I will try. Starting at some undetermined point in the future, I will post everyday for an entire month.

I'll even have specific stuff for each day! It should be fun. And stressful.

Seriously though, I'm sorry guys.