Wednesday, February 22, 2012

This is Harder Than I Thought... (Blogging and The Plague)

I apologize for my absence.

FIRST: My whole family got ridiculously ill with what I like to refer to as The Black Plague of 2012. We were all coughing (actually, we're still coughing), moaning, and running really high fevers. Everyone except my dad.
Luckily, that's all over, and we're pretty much ok now.

SECOND: I also haven't been posting because of the internal chaos over at Starlit Castle. If you don't know what that is, (firstly SHAME!) go check it out, because it's a bunch of teenaged girls who (in theory) write stories, poems, songs, and whatnot. Also Potato is part of it, and she's my awesome funny best friend.

This internal chaos is relatively simple: I am herding cats.

I like all of these people, and I am in charge of making sure they stick to schedules, don't make too many tags (note: guys, stop making so many tags), making announcements, and I still have to keep up with my own posts.
So being a nice person, I really don't want to yell at my friends to do what they're supposed to. But it just makes me infuriated when they don't.

On a lighter and less frustrated note, I think I designed a banner for this here blog on a Starbucks napkin, and will get that all set up as soon as i can find it.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Often, Jayne somehow convinces me to come look at something in her room and we end up playing legos for hours. And not those stupid Friends things either, we have a whole town called Shane, complete with Katy the engineer/mayor, Shelly the brilliant doctor (and overprotective mother), Lisa the spy, and a pack of badass genius teenaged warrior girls. We're pretty awesome.

I am so going to tell you all about it, and maybe I'll put up pictures of our favorite Minifigs later.

So the story is complicated, and changes around all the time, but basically, it started with the combination of several star wars sets, pirate sets, and this set:

Being the fantastically creative, "THROW AWAY THE INSTRUCTIONS!!!" people that we are, we just built whatever we wanted to.

The first thing we did (of course) was build some people. I think it began inhabited by Luke Skywalker, Mace Windu, and some random pirates. Of course this all changed.

We were sorely disappointed by one thing: we owned exactly one female face (technically, we had two but the other looked really weird, so we didn't use it), and Jayne promptly claimed Princess Leia's head as her own. So I improvised.

I took a rebel trooper face, and stuck it on a police uniform backwards. Then I gave her a black bob, and a gun and named her Katy Ferris, weapons and robotics extraordinaire. Oh yes.
 I think she only really changed a couple times. I once gave her longer hair, but that didn't stick, and now she wears a leather jacket and black pants instead of police clothes.

Jayne had been busy too: She had constructed Ivan Murray, a military dude who was married to the doctor I had just made. And then Jayne proceeded to make them some kids.

There's Elderone (yes that's his name. say it like Elder one), and he has a two younger sisters: Snow, and i can never remember the other one's name but she's really cool.

Now our world has expanded, making room for islands filled with pirates, sassy redheaded chefs, gothic spies, magical trains, pirate princesses with head scarves, an overemotional robot commander named Sob, spacecraft of all shapes and sizes, and three different jails that have all been destroyed.

In short, we kind of got carried away by the awesome.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Imagine This Boy:

Blond, six feet tall, skinny as a string bean, charming smile, braces.

Ok, now imagine this girl:
Dark brownish hair with washed out bits of blue in it, five seven, 160 pounds, glasses.

Imagine if that girl got his phone number. Imagine she asked him to a dance.

Imagine that due to politics, that dance got cancelled.
Imagine she texted him.

Hey maybe instead do you want to come over to my house for pizza and the crappy eighties movie of your choice?

Imagine he said yes.
Imagine he's coming over next week.

Lady E (sorry no signature, I'm on the iPod)