Wednesday, February 22, 2012

This is Harder Than I Thought... (Blogging and The Plague)

I apologize for my absence.

FIRST: My whole family got ridiculously ill with what I like to refer to as The Black Plague of 2012. We were all coughing (actually, we're still coughing), moaning, and running really high fevers. Everyone except my dad.
Luckily, that's all over, and we're pretty much ok now.

SECOND: I also haven't been posting because of the internal chaos over at Starlit Castle. If you don't know what that is, (firstly SHAME!) go check it out, because it's a bunch of teenaged girls who (in theory) write stories, poems, songs, and whatnot. Also Potato is part of it, and she's my awesome funny best friend.

This internal chaos is relatively simple: I am herding cats.

I like all of these people, and I am in charge of making sure they stick to schedules, don't make too many tags (note: guys, stop making so many tags), making announcements, and I still have to keep up with my own posts.
So being a nice person, I really don't want to yell at my friends to do what they're supposed to. But it just makes me infuriated when they don't.

On a lighter and less frustrated note, I think I designed a banner for this here blog on a Starbucks napkin, and will get that all set up as soon as i can find it.

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