Wednesday, December 7, 2011

13-15: Eject the Frog!

So I have these two wonderful friends, Edison, and Dragonchild*,  and every Wednesday, we play a game:

Any time you think of a funny quote you say it.
Some of the best and funniest are things that we've said, rather than things from books and movies, as was originally intended.

From left: Dragonchild, Edison, Me. (On the far left you can see Alison, who is seven I think.)

"You blew my mustache off!"

"Oh dear, Mom's in the root-beer!"

"My bubble! It came un-bubbled!"

"The heavens opened and gave them a shower, which they did not particularly need." (This one was cut from one of their NaNos.)

"Do you think you could use a high heel to break down a wall?"

"Dude, your browser's on the ceiling..."

"Oh, I'm failing miserably. How about you?"

"It means, 'Hi! I'm you!' in Finnish."

These guys are my boyzzzz. They're  totally awesome, and if I had brothers, I'd want them to be exactly like Edison and Dragonchild.

*Quite obviously not their real names.

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