Thursday, December 13, 2012

I'd like you all to meet someone

As you may have noticed I mentioned really briefly in my last post, I have a boyfriend! I would like to introduce you to The Terrorist. He picked it, okay? He plays a lot of Counter-strike...
I was going to draw a picture of him but it wasn't good.

Nice things:

He's really sweet

He likes cuddling

He has gorgeous eyes

He's funny

He wears cool t-shirts

He's an awesome kisser

He sometimes wears glasses, but he usually wears contacts

He makes me smile even when I'm just thinking about him

He likes playing videogames and doesn't mind that I'm bad at them

He likes a lot of the same stuff as I do

He understands how forgetful I am, and always knows when I can't find my phone

He's absolutely wondertastic


  1. I can tell you that he's good looking, too. Or, he's good looking in the one picture of him that I've seen :p