Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Nyan nyan nyan

Being the weirdo that i am, i'm listening to a million versions of Nyan cat while doing driver's ed. BUT- I thought i'd share some epic nyan iterations with you!

(All of these are from, which is just nonstop nyaning.They have even more, i'm just putting up the best)

A techno remix with a brightly colored cat

Jazz Cat:
Slightly more bearable. piano and jazzy vocals

Sepia toned cat:
This just makes me think of silent movies. but i like silent movies, so that's good.

Ninja Nyan:
This may be my favorite.

Smurf cat:
guaranteed to get smurfed in your smurf.

Ok, I'm going to go learn about the automobile in america. (they're very thorough on this thing...)


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